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I had to learn sometime...

Stirling Moss has nothing on me ;)

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Last night was my first attempt at driving the van.

After getting Cal to have a look at the engine the previous night, we discovered the T-Unit was crying out for some oil. After much deliberation we ended up in Halfords seaching for oil. Once we found the right type, we also picked up a France Road Atlas, Headlight Converters and a Scotland Sticker (to replace an awful looking union jack on the side window....)
An expensive trip, but all neccessary things!

After dinner, we marched out to the van, convinced we knew what we were doing and started pouring the oil in. Had in a look in Cal's car to compare (where we discovered he was in much need of oil too...)
We poured about 1.5litres in, ran the engine, checked the dipstick and nothing had changed. So we poured another litre in...same again - no change.

I've got a feeling its been so long since there has been any oil in, it's going to need a whole 5 litres before its satisfied!

So giving up on the oil situation for a moment, I took the T-unit out for a spin. After a shaky start, I got the hang of it. Driving 4000 miles is going to be interesting to say the least!

On our return to the flat, we tested out the windscreen wipers and the screenwash. More problems! A new motor was fitted for the windscreen wipers before we picked it up, but for whatever reason they stoped working last night! Checked the fuses, but I'm hoping it's a lose connection somewhere that can be fixed!

Checking it into the garage next week for a good look over, and into Halfords to get a chip in the windscreen replaced. It's getting us down a bit at the moment - but we know it'll be worth it all in the end!

L x

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Day One

It was love at first captains chair...

sunny 23 °C

We felt a connection the first moment we seen it.

After seeing a nice van, and a horrible van, we decided to chance it, drive 70 miles to Perth on the 23rd of May, to see van number three.

Turns out is was third time lucky, cause it turns out we loved it. This Talbot Express Rambler gl was meant for us.

So we done a deal, and parted with our hard earned cash.

On Saturday the 30th of May, in the glorious sunshine, we drove with our sunnies and our shorts on to Perth to pick up the T-unit.

Cal coasted down the road, sitting with the window down, and his arm out like a trucker. Cars whizzed past but we didn't care. Cause we had our van!


We finally arrived back in Glasgow, the excitment took over and we didn't know what to do with ourselves. So we gave Colin a shout, and he came to see our shiny new van. We kicked back, enjoyed the sunshine and shared some banter. When colin left we had a go at setting up the beds (in 23 degree heat it wasn't pretty...) You'd think with two engineers we'd have the problem solving aspect sorted. Not the case, we're still not sure how it works. We got the small bed set up, which is perfect for a Laura sized person...but not so much for a Cal sized person.
I'm sure we'll work it out...


Sunday called for a trip to Ikea where we purchased a multitude of kitchen essentials and a banter - alcove style lantern.
on the way home we stopped in at tescos and spent more money on high viz vests, hoovers and warning triangles.
While Cal went off to melt in the sunshine playing footy, I had go at cleaning the van. It took a while, but its all shiny clean, cobweb free and lemony fresh.

All we need now is an Adventure :)

Laura x

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